La Bergère

France - Traditional songs

The song is the spirit of the popular music, its oral transmission is probably one of pillars of our cultures. Sylvie Berger, with her two walk-ons and her guests, revisits the French traditional song; she delivers it to us dusted, with a certain mockery and sometimes in a very raw way.

We discover it the secret, infinite and unconfessed pleasures of our ancestors with an incredible current events. Alternately poetic, painful, sensitive and funny, it offers us these songs accompanied with male voices, with accordion and with bouzouki.


Sylvie Berger – Vocals

Julien Biget – Guitar, bouzouki, keyboard, vocals

Emmanuel Pariselle – Accordion, flute, vocals

Special guests

Gilles Chabenat – Hurdy-gurdy

Yannick Guilloux – Vocals


Valentin Clastrier - A fond !

France - Creation for hurdy-gurdies and percussions

Valentin Clastrier is the inventor of the contemporary hurdy-gurdy. He influenced any biggest, it is a legend of the wheel of the life and the wheel of the hurdy-gurdy with wheel... What could be more symbolic for our festival?!

Always a train beforehand, always where we do not wait for him, this creation pushes back the limits always more of the instrument with prestigious guests.

A major monument!


Valentin Clastrier – hurdy-gurdy "électroacoustique"

Gilles Chabenat – hurdy-gurdy "électroacoustique"

Romain Baudouin – electric hurdy-gurdy

Gérard Siracusa – Percussions and drums

Adrien Chennebault – Percussions and drums

Florian Satche – Percussions and drums

Valentin Clastrier & Serge Ceccaldi – Composition


Rémy Dubois with François Lazarevitch

The exploration of the « court musette »

Rémy Dubois (been born in 1942) is factor of bagpipes, taken up residence in Belgium. Diligent of the " International matches of Stringed-instrument makers and Masters - Bell-ringers " of Saint-Chartier since their creation, it is one of the essential actors of the revival of the invoice of bagpipes in Europe. Rémy Dubois is the co-inventor, with French Bernard Blanc, of what we name from now on the "Europipe" (bagpipe in ground, reliable, of an affordable price, ideal to begin on the instrument, allowing the crossing of directories the European scale).

From now on redeemed, he devotes to the study and the copy of olds instruments, preserved in diverse European museums, and in their throw-in. In particular, he is interested for several decades in the French shoulder bag (used in the baroque directory), «musette de cour».

Le son continu 2015 is the opportunity will be for him to present - in world premiere! - his new reconstruction of an "musetee de cour" of the XVIIIth century, of graver tone, which will be played in concert by the " Musicians of Saint Julien ". François Lazarevich, music director of this formation, will assist Rémy Dubois during his intervention to ring the diverse bagpipes that he will present us


11.00 am at La Pommeraie

Small bands competition

Inscriptions in the opening of the festival - Information at the receptionl

The prize-winners will be scheduled on the big stage on Sunday, 12 and Monday, July 13th at opening of evening concerts.

at 11.00 am in the courtyard of the castle

Dance workshops : « Polka, scottish : pas de base et variantes »

by MicheuStef and Duo T'en Bal (Jean-Michel Corgeron)

at 3.30 pm at La Pommeraie:

Dance workshops : « Valse, mazurka : pas de base et variantes »

by MicheuStef and Duo T'en Bal (Jean-Michel Corgeron)

and :

A « participative » stage

from 2.00 pm in the courtyard of the castle

Open stages

from 6.00pm in « La Pommeraie »

Itinerant band

We don’t know when, we don’t know where?!

Instrument exhibition

from 10.00 am to 7.00pm in the park

And for the children?

A welcome in the " Village of the Children " is proposed to you by professionals of the early childhood with activities around the nature and around the music.

He is intended for the children between 3 and 10 years

From 1:30 pm till 6:30 pm

Price list in the day: 3€

A local dance for the children is also planned.