Come from Sweden, these three musicians are children of the festival of Ars: Johannes Geworkian Hellman, prize-winner of the competition of hurdy-gurdy in 2011, is in love with France, with his legendary vielleux and with his cheeses...

They make up an original music in the Scandinavian and French influences. At the same time traditional and current their music is an unexplored universe which waits only for the discovery. The heat of the bumblebees of the hurdy-gurdy mixed with the sax baritone and in the double bass will seduce you.

A “must see” event!


Elias Frigård – Saxophones

Johannes Geworkian Hellman – Hurdy-gurdy

Jordi Carrasco – Double basse


Cie Guillaume Lopez - Medin’Aqui

A creation from Occitania via Andalusia to the Maghreb

Médin' Aqui is an initiatory journey, in Mediterranean lands, between musics of the world, traditional musics and improvised musics.

The singing of Guillaume Lopez, in Spanish and in Occitan, has a dialogue with the voice of the Algerian musician Amine Tilioua. The arrangements are modern, groovy and sensitive, each of the musicians revealing his talents of interpreter and improviser.


Guillaume Lopez – vocals, Flutes, saxophone, bagpipe

Amine Tilioua – vocals, violon, oud

Sam Burguière – violon, trumpet

Thierry Roques – accordion

Pascal Celma – Bass

Cyrille Amourette – guitars

Simon Portefaix – drums, percussions


Claude Ribouillault

Music and songs in the 1st World War

Claude Ribouillault (been born in 1951) is a musician, a researcher and a collector of musical instruments of popular invoice, exercise books of handwritten songs, former photos, masks and puppets. He co-livens up the stand of exchange where find themselves the collectors, every summer during the lounge of lutherie in the castle of Ars.

His searches are bound to the fact that he names " borders of kinds ": popular amateur, musics lutherie and popular musicians of the Great War, amateur and popular chansonniers, short told forms, written oral tradition (exercise books and pads manuscripts, cards - photos).

So Claude Ribouillault bent for several years on the " Music in the rifle " - title of his bestseller - in other words the musical practices of the pioupious of the World War I. Instruments were tinkered with the material of recovery, in improvised stanzae describing the ordinary of trenches, he makes feel the terrible condition of " those of 14 ", and the draft of oxygen that represented for them music and songs.

The presentation of its exhibition on this theme to the museum of Castrates it in summer, 2014 was successful. For all the berrichons which missed his talk at this moment, as well as for the curious festival-goers, its intervention - where answer images, songs, objects, texts - is not to be missed!


11.00 am at La Pommeraie

hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes solos competition

Inscriptions at the opening of the festival - Information at the reception

The prize-winners will be scheduled on the big stage on Sunday, 12 and Monday, July 13th at opening of evening concerts.

11.00 am in the courtyard of the castle and at 3.30 pm at La Pommeraie

Dance workshops : « Bourrée et danses d’Aubrac »

by par Josiane Enjelvin-Benhadji, Bernard Andurand, Ouali Benhadji, Josette Charle (dancers) and the musicians : Michel Esbelin (pipe) et Claude Quintard (accordion)

and :

A « participative » stage

from 2.00 pm in the courtyard of the castle

Open stages

from 6.00pm in « La Pommeraie »

Itinerant band

We don’t know when, we don’t know where?!

Instrument exhibition

from 10.00 am to 7.00pm in the park

And for the children?

A welcome in the " Village of the Children " is proposed to you by professionals of the early childhood with activities around the nature and around the music.

He is intended for the children between 3 and 10 years

From 1:30 pm till 6:30 pm

Price list in the day: 3€

A local dance for the children is also planned.