Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson Band

Scotland Ireland

These two virtuosos of the Irish bagpipe (uilleann pipes) and scotland bagpipe (border pipes) come from United Kingdom. They will make you discover the incredible wealth of these instruments by soft, melancholic, furious or charming melodies.

Jarlath, champion of Ireland, winner of the competition of the BBC, is also an excellent singer; the meeting with Ross, this other engineering of pipe, was inevitable. The new generation of the " Celtic wave ", an only mixture.

Amazing !


Ross Ainslie – Border pipes et Whistles

Jarlath Henderson – Vocals - Uilleann pipes

Ali Hutton – Guitars

James Mackintosh – Percussions, drum


Bagad de Lorient - Sonerien an Orian

France - Bretagne

By inviting a bagad, the festival pays tribute in what was, at the beginning of the XXth century, the peak of the traditional instrumental music. Under the influence of pipes band shell, the Breton bell-ringers created Bagad. We reinvented the tradition!

The bagad of Lorient is deserving one representing of the Brittany and its musical evolution. In the pip(top) the best bagadou, he(it) distinguishes itself by the will to grow rich other musical influences. So it will present us its concert Meskaj (mixture) which is a transverse and crossed experience where the sound bagad will sound with accents of blues of rock and diverse music of the world.

Long live the opening !


Christophe Le Govic – Musical direction


Romain Baudoin

From Gascony roots to the « torrom – borrom »

Stemming from instrumentalists' family of the southwest of France, Romain Baudoin (been born in 1977) is one of the big names of the hurdy-gurdy with contemporary electroacoustic wheel. He occurs for several years within the group Artùs, asserting loud and clear his Gascon identity, carried by a current, dynamic music, and a poetic language.

He is scheduled in the edition 2015 of the Son Continu, in a creation beside Valentin Clastrier and Gilles Chabenat.

His trade guilds with the stringed-instrument maker Philippe Mousnier allowed him to make the solo project succeed "1 Primate", sound reflection on the loss of identity. He uses a literally incredible instrument, a "Torrom-Borrom", a wedding of a hurdy-gurdy with alto electroacoustic wheel and an electric guitar...

Le son continu wished to give the opportunity to Romain Baudoin to return on his already well performed artistic course, of its Gascon roots in his practice assumed by the improvisation.


2.00 pm at La Pommeraie

Dance workshop « Les Danses de Bal » by Laurent Fosset and the group Berry Plage


A « participative » stage

from 2.00pm in the court yard of the castle

Open stage

from 6.00pm in « La Pommeraie »

Itinerant bands

We don’t know when, we don’t know where?!

Instrument exhibition

from 10.00 am to 7.00pm in the park

And for the children?

A welcome in the " Village of the Children " is proposed to you by professionals of the early childhood with activities around the nature and around the music.

He is intended for the children between 3 and 10 years

From 1:30 pm till 6:30 pm

Price list in the day: 3€

A local dance for the children is also planned.